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staff 1n | includes:

1. (Business / Professions) a group of people employed by a company, individual, etc., for executive, clerical, sales work, etc.
2. (Business / Industrial Relations & HR Terms) (modifier) attached to or provided for the staff of an establishment a staff doctor
3. (Social Science / Education) the body of teachers or lecturers of an educational institution, as distinct from the students
4. (Military) the officers appointed to assist a commander, service, or central headquarters organization in establishing policy, plans, etc.

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office machine:

“The Industrial Revolution (18th and 19th century) saw the rise of banking, railroads, insurance, retailing, oil, and the telegraph industries.

To transact business, an increasing large number of clerks were needed to handle order-processing, accounting, and file documents, with increasingly specialized office space required to house these activities.

Most of the desks of the era were top heavy with paper storage bins extending above the desk-work area, giving the appearance of a cubical and offering the workers some degree of privacy.” _wikipedia

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